St. James Preschool’s curriculum is developed from years of research on Early childhood development.  The methods we use have been shown to have a great impact on the future achievements of our students.  Our preschool curriculum offers theme-based  units of study that integrate academics, fine and gross motor skills, social skills and religion through structured and unstructured creative play and hands-on experiences.   The following are the curricula that we use for all our classrooms:

STREAM – Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

Science: “Science Start”/ LMK Early Childhood Enterprises, Ltd is a comprehensive, research-based and standards-based early childhood program that uses hands-on experiences for preschool children. This provides a meaningful context for mastering language, literacy, science process skills, and mathematics and to develop a rich knowledge base about the everyday world.

Technology: Computers are used in every classroom to supplement the curriculum through software which enhances all of our preschool subjects and program. Students also learn, basic keyboarding skills and develop an interest in technology.

Religion: “Bright Beginnings-Exploring God’s World” by Liguori Publishing is the basic foundation for all our curricula. This program is developed specifically for preschool programs and integrates bible stories into all aspects of education for early childhood learning.

Engineering: “Building Structures and Loose Parts” /Redleaf Press is part of our new STREAM curriculum.  These two curricula are the “engineering” part of STREAM.    Each one allows for exploring, designing, building, creating and using imagination to learn.


Visual Arts:  challenges and encourages students to actively participate in the arts. Students develop an appreciation for artistic representation they and their friends create. Specific instruction occurs in works of art by famous historical and contemporary artists with themes in color, texture, design and spatial relations.
Math – “More than Counting”/ Redleaf Press   is part of our STREAM curriculum.  This curriculum will touch on areas such as numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement and data analysis/probability.  Now, that all sounds way too advanced for preschool but these subjects will be introduced in a “play-based” structure that will only seem like fun to the children!

“Math Advantage”/ Harcourt Publishing Co. a math program designed to develop strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This curriculum makes use of manipulatives which allow for hands on learning and the opportunity to understand math concepts.

Language Arts :

Phonemic Awareness” /Adams, Foorman, Lundberb, Beeler provides concrete activities for preschoolers that stimulates the development of reading, speech and writing.


“Write Out Of the Box” /Marianne Gibbss supports the development of fine motor skills and writing readiness of children 3-6 years old.


“Hubbards Cupboard”/Michelle Hubbard Sight words and Phonics booklets
Spanish- Spanish for Children”/ McGraw Hill– Easy to understand methods for learning to speak a foreign language at the preschool level.


Music develops a general knowledge of music vocabulary, movement, beat, interpretation and rhythm which allows them to develop sensitivity to musical experiences.

Physical education instruction is used to develop large muscle skills, awareness of one’s own body and cooperative play skills.


Social Studies  focuses on learning from the child’s environment as they begin to comprehend their place in the world.  Unit themes include: geography, communities, citizenship, and simple economics. Fostering these skills will help our students become contributing members of society.





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