Top Ten Goals of STREAM

  1.  To incorporate Catholic identity into every aspect of the curriculum through student directed, project-based experiential instruction.
  2. To be forward thinking, faith-based institutions that place a high priority on faculty training, learning, leadership and 21st century skill applications.
  3. to provide a challenging learning environment that is focused on the integration of Religion into Science, Technology, Engineering,the Arts and Mathematics.
  4. To increase the content literacy of all students in every aspect of the curriculum, while maintaining a classical Catholic educational foundation.
  5. To operate with the premise that Math and Science competencies can be developed and that every student needs access to a STREAM curriculum to be fully engaged 21st century learners.
  6. To promote a climate of innovation in all areas of instruction.
  7. To inspire the participation of student populations who are traditionally under-represented in the Sciences and Arts.
  8. To foster a climate that encourages problem-solving, group collaboration, student-directed learning, and independent research.
  9. To understand that success is defined in multiple ways and can-and does-occur in many different types of schools and learning environments.
  10. To utilize strategic planning as a blue print to guide the development and implementation of the STREAM curriculum.

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